Who Has Not Signed Paris Agreement

Who Has Not Signed Paris Agreement

23 avril 2023

As the world`s nations continue to grapple with the devastating impacts of climate change, the Paris Agreement has emerged as a critical tool in the fight against global warming. Signed in 2015 by nearly every country on earth, the Paris Agreement commits nations to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, and to pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5 degrees.

However, not every country has signed on to this historic agreement. Here we take a closer look at some of the nations that have not yet pledged their support for this crucial effort.

The United States

Perhaps the most high-profile nation that has not signed the Paris Agreement is the United States. In 2017, President Donald Trump announced his intention to withdraw the country from the agreement, citing concerns over economic competitiveness and the impact on American jobs. While President Joe Biden has since rejoined the accord, the US remains one of the few major nations that have not yet put forward a concrete plan to achieve the Paris Agreement`s emission reduction goals.


Another nation that has not signed the Paris Agreement is Iran. While the country has previously expressed support for the accord, it has not yet taken the formal steps to join. Part of the reason for this may be the nation`s focus on other issues, such as its ongoing conflict with the United States and the economic sanctions that have been imposed on it.


Eritrea, a small nation in East Africa, is one of the few countries that have not yet signed onto the Paris Agreement. The country has a relatively small economy and is not a major emitter of greenhouse gases, so it may not see the same urgent need to join the agreement as other nations.


Libya is another country that has not signed the Paris Agreement. The nation has been mired in political turmoil and conflict for years, which may make it difficult for it to commit to the kind of long-term environmental goals set out in the accord.


While the vast majority of nations around the world have pledged their support for the Paris Agreement, there are still a few outliers that have not yet signed on. As the world continues to grapple with the devastating impacts of climate change, it`s more important than ever for nations to come together to find common solutions to this global problem. By working together and committing to ambitious environmental goals, we can help ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

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